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Love Me

I will love you

Will you permit my expression

Let my honesty be my gift and curse

I left broken hearts amongst nuns and concubines

Purity and vile at it’s finest

Hoping for a true touch of affection

Just that rush of adrenaline


Now this time it appears to be real

Scary to the point I am afraid to progress

Has everything I wanted been finally given to me

Am I ready for what has yet to become

Tho I have felt I have never felt

You bring me a sensation I can not describe through words

You have shifted my paradigm to a galaxy to where no one can reach

I have neglected all of my past lust and love for you

No one can compare to what we have


You put tme in this place where i finally know I know

I know i can share with you my deepest darkest secrets

I know I can share with you my lightest joys

I know I can express my true thoughts to you without speaking a word


I have never felt like this before


Tho if you were to refuse I would not be mad

It does that matter if we have conjoined physically

I just want you


I have no intention of leaving

I have every intention of treating you right

I have every intention that every intention does not go bypassed without the exception that you have been treated like a queen

With a premature

Saying of words

I DO Love You

I cannot help the fact

You provide me with the reassurance of trust

You give me hope that the love imagined can be real

And real or not

For you I will die for the conception

If what we have is really what we feel

Separately and United

Forever and Always like I imagined

I will be here for you soulheartedly

I will never leave you

I am going to be yours 

And you are going to be mine

& through all of the circumstances, excuses, heartbreak, and obstacles

I will kill for our Unity

And I will die for our Unity

I know It may be much

But If this what I feel

And It’s real

I say this with tears in my eyes

I will take that risk

I will and can love you


& Forever

Your’s Truly

-Jeremiah Sojourney