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Breaking Bad

You never

Seen No

Cybernetic freak

Trying to rewire your hardrive having sex with robots

What an interdisciplinary display

No really

She said I couldn’t I said watch me

No shit

Shit face

May mayhem rain a storm above you

I’m so off the edge that one push can bring you down with me

Maybe i’m high as Whitney ..

You gravity whore

I want the goods so I’ll be bad

Their are just times when their are no time for excuses

No time for games

Just an estimated length of incalculable numbers

Tho it may be Odd

It’s just what keeps things even


He asked…

You some kind of slick bastard

I may have been born out of wed-lock and dropped on my head at birth

Thats no reason for calling names  ….

But thanks for the compliment

That I am

And Once I have my game plan the world will tremble like the Apocalypse was near

The ricter scale will shake from the quake and spell out the words …

"You will not run from me"


That is Breaking Bad