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The Faint Of Heart

I Know I Love You

More than i Love my darkness

My pretty sweet Queen

You may find me twisted but innoncent

Your aroma is like Sunshine in the nasal sense 

Soft rose pedal lips I’d daringly kiss

Are you a Fallen Angel? 

Where is your halo?

I’d Gladly walk to Heaven and ask God for your wings

To Bring you back to the Life of Golden Roads and where beautiful Music Sings

My Face is such a sad thing without you

I sit alone and compose melodic symphonies like the phantom

Screaming through my fingers

You tell me who loves you like I do

I will bring you their dead body on your doorstep

Pardon imbecile souls of mischief

For they not know what it means to sacrifice

I have passed on and came back to see you

Who can put Eternity on its Back and stop time just to look you in your eyes

Kiss you for one moment

Hug You for one less

Then hope that you can understand me one day

One day it will All make sense

The Madness will not be so mad and true Love will prosper

Your Mind is such a beautiful Place

Please save a place for me in it

Forever your memories blossom a Garden of Love

Bless your Heart You Goddess among Goddesses 

Bless Your Heart