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What if this life is merely just an experiment? A Game. An observation to someone. What if we lived in an illusion and nothing was real. We were all controlled directly from one source. One day you just happen to find out.. How would that make you feel? Now that’s eerie.

Extraordinarily Regular

I seemed to be just this matter that didn’t matter..

A matter of fact I took matter to make it greater

Black hole traveling distant future

Minds of short span still tangle with my thought…  ….   …. peroid

For this is not for everyone

From outer outer perspective I seemed to be this aspiring rap star

Tho the best at what I do from outside judgemental judging  standards I am seemingly the best at what I do

Through RECURRING failure I seemed to have humbled the ego of the artist

Through the down times we seem to gather the strength to conquer

Aliens would ask what do you do … … ????


I breathe I eat I sleep

I unknowingly spread the word of My God

I just am I

Tho young I do not consider myself such

For life burdens have made me an old man

But as old men talk and young men fight WE are caught in a dilema

What do we do when it all goes bad

If it were to all crash down upon what we have built


Dark twisted mishaps still inherit the very twist of perceptive definition  translating from spiritual to physical demeanor

The controlling of the thinker behind the thought

Opposed to tradition I occupy devils on both shoulders

Yet still I am protected


Feel me ..


I have this fight..


Worry Vs Opposition..

Who will win?

Any triumph will dictate ultimate loss

While most boast and brag I remain calm and humble

Suave and intriguing in the most seductive way

The bottom has made me realize being the best or the worse does not matter

For I realized that the most important thing beyond success was the achievement of being Your-Self

For whoever Self may be

I was so nasty with talent at 1 point in time

Until GOD left me staggered in his might

The farther I grew from him The harder it became


SO …

I Did…

I let go of coercing for the SELF

I let go of the TRAUMATIC past

I let go of the poverty

I let go of ME

& I accepted the blessings of what I had and what I stood for

Beautiful wife and beautiful child

I could ask for no more


I am Extraordinarily Regular..