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What if this life is merely just an experiment? A Game. An observation to someone. What if we lived in an illusion and nothing was real. We were all controlled directly from one source. One day you just happen to find out.. How would that make you feel? Now that’s eerie.

Extraordinarily Regular

I seemed to be just this matter that didn’t matter..

A matter of fact I took matter to make it greater

Black hole traveling distant future

Minds of short span still tangle with my thought…  ….   …. peroid

For this is not for everyone

From outer outer perspective I seemed to be this aspiring rap star

Tho the best at what I do from outside judgemental judging  standards I am seemingly the best at what I do

Through RECURRING failure I seemed to have humbled the ego of the artist

Through the down times we seem to gather the strength to conquer

Aliens would ask what do you do … … ????


I breathe I eat I sleep

I unknowingly spread the word of My God

I just am I

Tho young I do not consider myself such

For life burdens have made me an old man

But as old men talk and young men fight WE are caught in a dilema

What do we do when it all goes bad

If it were to all crash down upon what we have built


Dark twisted mishaps still inherit the very twist of perceptive definition  translating from spiritual to physical demeanor

The controlling of the thinker behind the thought

Opposed to tradition I occupy devils on both shoulders

Yet still I am protected


Feel me ..


I have this fight..


Worry Vs Opposition..

Who will win?

Any triumph will dictate ultimate loss

While most boast and brag I remain calm and humble

Suave and intriguing in the most seductive way

The bottom has made me realize being the best or the worse does not matter

For I realized that the most important thing beyond success was the achievement of being Your-Self

For whoever Self may be

I was so nasty with talent at 1 point in time

Until GOD left me staggered in his might

The farther I grew from him The harder it became


SO …

I Did…

I let go of coercing for the SELF

I let go of the TRAUMATIC past

I let go of the poverty

I let go of ME

& I accepted the blessings of what I had and what I stood for

Beautiful wife and beautiful child

I could ask for no more


I am Extraordinarily Regular..


Paul Walker

Of course people are mourning over Paul Walkers death. People watch  him on the box and he is in front of our faces so much a synthetic relationship has been developed giving us an mental/emotional attachment to him. So when he dies of course people will mourn. Thousands of kids die everywhere from war, poverty, etc But being that it isn’t in peoples faces so consistently there is no connection therefore people do not care. Or maybe it has been happening so much and for so long people have grew numb to it? Whatever it is a death can be sad and unfortunate. That person has family members who are currently grieving and are sad as fuck. People posting these damn photos of poverty stricken kids next to Paul’s face just stop. Your participating in perpetual ignorance with no outcome. Let people mourn and get over it like they all ways do. You seen this coming!

Robot or Human

The human heart is desperate lost without meaning

With a meaning assigned to a bloody organ which pumps blood through out ventricles

Do we describe love or a biological procedure

A mere mortal would mistake the both

A lying tongue deserves to be pierced with knives

For why would you attempt to distort my reality

Take away my truth

Twist my mentality

Constantly I dwell upon the grieving of shattered minds

I wish i could kill them all

Why forbid the perpetual suicidal ignorance taking obscure forms of impression pressing a conceptual context of which swallows your independent aspirations

I mean..

Why allow the insidious agenda of pretenders to bend our will to meet their criteria of a standard

I’d strangle my own self before they would own me

You ask who is they

They are who you want to be

Aside to this blacked out madness

Murky thought projections on a cyber canvass

Life in it’s all  may not be that bad in your individual conscious streams

But outside of that….

Corporations are dictating your thinking allowance and allocating your thoughts and distributing your intentions

Choices are illusions in this realm of physical reflections

Are you not blind       ???

We abide by man made rules older than God

Out of date and out of proportion with our current ways of living

It seems all so entertaining until entertainment becomes the death of us

I’d rather program the program

Just saying

Be cautious of your interpretations 

They could be dire